Hello from Romania, owner of an Astra K 2020 1.2 145PS

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Hello from Romania, owner of an Astra K 2020 1.2 145PS

Post by lazarb » Mon Jun 29, 2020 10:01 am

Hi, I'm Lazar and I've just bought an Opel Astra 1.2 145PS, Elegance.
After seeing some price cuts at a nearby dealer and wanting a decent handling, decent performing and comfortable car, I've decided to buy the new 2020 Astra with the 1.2 145PS engine.
I kinda bought it in blind, without a test drive, but I did drive some of its competitors. I had an automatic Golf Mk 6 for a few years, test drove a Ford Focus a few times and the new Kia Ceed. And after checking some of the reviews on youtube and people giving it a close score to the competition (carwow even put it between the Golf Mk7 and the Focus 2018) but being priced lower, I've decided to get it from the dealer's stock.
So far I'm happy with how it drives, handles and with the comfortable and quiet ride even at highway speeds. But it feels sluggish, especialy under 2k rpm. I hope it gets peppier after the engine break in period.





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