Help, clutch issue

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Help, clutch issue

Post by mepp » Mon May 18, 2020 1:30 pm

I have an Astra K sports Tourer from December 2016, with a 1.6 cdti, 110 bhp engine and 50,500 km (31379 miles).
I already did the clutch and brake recall intervention last year. However, I always found the behavior of the clutch pedal strange, because when you lift your foot, you feel that, when it reach the top, slows down and then give a little bump. I always said this in the workshop but they never wanted to know and the recall didn't change the pedal's behavior, so I ended up settling for it.
The problem is that now the pedal has become very soft and, often, especially after a cold start or, for example, on a downhill with a lot of traffic, when I have my foot on the pedal and slowly release the brake until the momente when I can speed up, the clutch is only activated with the pedal practically on the bottom and the start is somewhat uncontrolled because the pedal travel is very short. Although the pedal goes up to its usual place, only at the bottom the clutch do anything. Another example is the star and stop. When I'm in a traffic queue, especially going down and I raise my clutch foot so that the car stops, I can step on the pedal at will, because only when it's at the very bottom, the car finally starts. Usually it was enough to lightly press the pedal and the engine would start.
Another problem that I have detected is with the electric parhing brake. When I operated it, I felt pressure on the brake pedal, which rose. The brake pedal is now in the same position, without any pressure being noticed.
Does anyone have similar problems? What could it be?
Thanks and sorry for the long post, but it is difficult to explain what is going on with the car... :|

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Re: Help, clutch issue

Post by astraowner » Mon May 18, 2020 8:16 pm

Sounds a bit like when my car, similar to your's had the clutch pedal die.

I had it recovered and had the clutch and brake recall done, and after that it has been fine....Yours needs a new go-around i suspect.
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Re: Help, clutch issue

Post by Kcirtap » Mon May 18, 2020 10:22 pm

Like Astraowner said, what you are describing is EXACTLY what mine did about an hour before the clutch pedal completely failed and went to the floor and never popped up.

Had to have a whole new clutch and hydrolics system. Was two pages of parts and labour over two days. Even had a new clutch a flywheel. (All under that recall and the warranty.)

Then, when I got it back it still wasn’t 100% right, was soft at the top of the pedal, so took it back (but to a different Vauxhall’s garage) and they did another fluid bleed and it worked fine. Done 16k miles since and all good.

So I would have them have a look at the cars clutch pedal again. If your garage won’t look I would suggest seeing another one. When I learnt to drive I was told that you would always have your foot on the brake when you release the handbrake and if you feel a change in the pressure do not drive the car. I am told that the IAM still teach this. So I would have an issuer if your car does that. I have the electric handbrake and that has never happened.

Hope this info helps.

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