Engine started but car can't move..

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Engine started but car can't move..

Post by razmy » Thu Sep 12, 2019 4:48 am

.....am driving a Astra k 1.0(2016). My car mileage is 30k on speedo..and about 22 months.

Yesterday drove for 25mins and park into a lot. 1 hour later, came back and started the car..shifted to "D" ..car cannot move....Dashboard read SERVICE TransMIssion"......."D" is blinlkng...CHANGE TO "N" by itself.
Then try "R"...cant move too..."R" blinking...change to "N" by itself....Dashboard read SERVICE TRANSMISSION... So off engine and waited for about 20 mins.
Started car again..shifted to "M1"...car move . Drove around the carpark and off to highway...and till now

Anyone encounter the above problem? What could be the problem? Thanks for your infor....

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Re: Engine started but car can't move..

Post by Crosseyxpower » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:40 am

8 would suspect a electrical problem. This happens to many cars and models but you did the right thing by turning ofd then back on again. If car is still in warranty then take it back to vauxhall and explain, there may be a ecu update maybe.

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