Swapping my stock H7 for aftermarket halogen bulbs

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my installation xp

Post by mrtailorson_ » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:16 pm

so i went ahead and bought a pair of Osram Night Breaker Laser 'next generation' H7 bulbs.

replacement was rather easy though at first i was afraid that my hand would not fit or reach into the bulb housing. the angle makes it so that you do the replacement by touch and feel. just need to take care that the bulb heatsink's flat side coincides with its slot's flat side.

that being said, opening the plastic osram box was not easy at all! dear god! i thought i was supposed to push those 4 pcs of flaps on the box. they broke off. still cannot open the damn box. maybe i should have pulled them?! i do not know. then i pried the damn thing open! :x

here are some pix if you ever wondered what the stock H7 bulbs are:
(i think they are Philips LongLife EcoVision 12972LLECOC1 [url]https://www.philips.com.sg/c-p/12972LLECOC1/longlife-ecovision-headlight-bulb/specifications[/url])


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Re: Swapping my stock H7 for aftermarket halogen bulbs

Post by astraowner » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:55 am

I agree that the stock bulbs they put in at the factory seems to be Philips longlife.

They probably choose this bulb as it is cheaper than the brighter alternatives and they dont burn out in such a short time that there will be any debate about whether they should be changed under warranty.

I tried the Nightbreakers when they just came out and i must say that i was disappointed. The first one burned out after only 3 months and then i bought another set and replaced the burned out one, the bulb in the other side burned out in a month or so, and i fitted the remaining one from the extra set and these lasted less than 6 months.

2 sets of bulbs within year

Switched to Philips +130 i think they were called and in the remaining 2 years i owned that car, they worked as they should.

Would recommend the Philips ones over the nightbreakers any day, based on my personal experience.

I have a set of Philips X-tremevision 130+ just waiting to be mounted. Bought this summer together with some motoroil to get the price above "No shipping" (The shipping was about 50% of the price of the bulbs so essentially i got a set for half the price) and planning on fitting them when we get to the time of the year where i actually need bright lights when driving. (In the summertime, i rarely drive when it's dark as this is where i normally sleep :) )
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Re: Swapping my stock H7 for aftermarket halogen bulbs

Post by Markot1989 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:55 am

I've just swapped to the Nightbreakers and agree they are there is quite the difference over the standard bulbs, which was helpful in the downpour the other night.
Only been in a week so can't really comment on the lifespan. Have also left the old bulbs in the glovebox as spares.

Having been impressed I've asked on the Seat Forum with regards to our other car, as I couldn't make heads nor tails over which of the three headlight types our Ibiza has. The general advice they are giving is Osram Nightbreaker +130% for dipped and Phillips Racingvision +150% for main beam. All comes down to life span.

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Re: Swapping my stock H7 for aftermarket halogen bulbs

Post by Bogbody » Fri Sep 20, 2019 2:18 pm

Lifetime is the snag. The brighter lamps can have a lifetime as little as 250 hrs or less. 200 hrs at an average of 30 mph is 6000 miles (always on headlights). Standard bulbs are 500 ish hours.
On my motorbike (BMW F800) lamp life can be such that the "always on" dipped headlight lamp barely lasts a year or 6000miles/200 hours. It gets to the point that is easier to change the lamp before the MOT once a year, rather than wait for it to fail. It tricky to change at the roadside as acess is awkward!

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