Power red 1.4T (2016) Sports Tourer

Post pictures of your Astra K here
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Power red 1.4T (2016) Sports Tourer

Post by kjns » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:19 am

I thought I'd go ahead and post some pics and info of my car and of the little tweaks I've done to it so far.

So, mine's a 2016 Sports Tourer in Power Red, with 1.4T 150hp engine and automatic transmission. I bought the car little under a year ago with 24000 kms on the clock since I got a relatively good deal and it had almost all the features I wanted except for AGR seats, which is a shame, but when on a budget and buying a used car you might not get every single bit you want. On the plus side it does have the lighter interior (which is not an option anymore), which makes it look a lot brighter on the inside and in my opinion is also a bit classier looking than the dark interior.

The trim is called Enjoy, which is the cheaper of the two available trims here in Finland. It has the smaller screen intellilink R4.0 infotainment and includes pretty much all the bells and whistles I could want on a car, but lacks the more advanced driver assisting systems. They have a cheap campaign package here called "enjoy more" which gives you front/back parking sensors, front armrest and 2-zone climate control for a couple of hundred euros, so pretty much all the Enjoys here are bought with it. My car also has the 40-20-40 foldable rear seat as extra, which is a good feature for carrying long stuff on the boot.

The car is equipped with 16" alloys for summer and 16" steel wheels with caps for winter. Though the caps are reasonable looking, I'm still thinking about getting alloys for winter also if I can find a set for a decent price.

Outside view after a wash


astra front
Inside view from front


inside front
One of the first things I did was to get the rear windows tinted. I've always thought that tinted rear windows look good on wagons, and they look especially good on red cars so here we are. I actually got a gift card for my bday from my wife and her family, so it was a cheap upgrade for me :lol:

Here's a picture from behind where you can see the dark tints well, if I remember correctly these are 35% light passing. It makes the window look rather black from the outside, but you can still see out quite well.


rear tinted
During my summer vacation I used one day to do some noise insulation to the boot of the car. The Astra isn't that noisy, but not quite silent either, and especially the humming noise that came from my studded winter tyres was somewhat annoying so I had to do something about it. The insulation helped with it a great deal and made the car much quieter. I still have some insulation mat left, so I'm going to insulate the wheel wells also when I have the time and place to do it. I used STP Black Gold mat for the insulation, it's easy to apply and works quite well. I used it on the entire inside of the boot, parts of the battery compartment (didn't want to detach the battery) and for the underside of the rear seat.


As my latest small tweak I changed all the inside bulbs of the car for LEDs. I bought a ready made set off of eBay that had all the replacements in one package and it cost me ~£20. The inside of the car is quite bright now, but the boot is still doo dark as it only has a light on one side. Unfortunately the ST doesn't have a slot ready on the other side as hatchbacks seem to, so I couldn't do an easy upgrade for two boot lights. I'll have to see if I want to do something about it later on...

Front seat at night with LED bulbs


leds front
So far I have done some 15000 kms with my Astra, and I'm still very much happy with my purchase. I am still craving after the AGR seats though, as the standard seats are really not that good to sit on. They are quite lacking in settings and I had better seats on my old Astra H, and it feels weird to "downgrade" on something when getting 10 years newer car. Also the K doesn't have front light washers (as the H did), which is a real shame here in Finland with our continuing darkness and shitty weather during winter :roll:

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