1.6cdti (136), timing chain/tensioner issues?

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Re: 1.6cdti (136), timing chain/tensioner issues?

Post by Hh123 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:12 pm

Can anyone help me.. We are currently looking at a timing belt issue on a 2016 vaxhaul mokka 66plate.. Now we purchased the car on finance in 2018 addmitidly we have not had a service as yet.. However we have regularly oil changes and oil and filter change in the last year now we have returned the car to dealership as requested and they are quoting us rediculas prices to get it fixed we have been advised the warranty on a new car is 3 years or 60 thousand miles our car has done 40 odd I'm thinking this is a manufacturing issue why should we have to foot a bill that high on a reasonably new car.. Do we have any legal argument here thanks

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Re: 1.6cdti (136), timing chain/tensioner issues?

Post by astraowner » Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:11 am

Vauxhall is certainly not going to help you.

Get used to phrases like :

1. Its not a fault, but an engine characteristic.
2. That oil is not Dexos 2

Etc etc.

This is what i was fearing....More and more 1.6 diesel's will begin "exploding" because of the bad guides, tensioner and oil pump, and vauxhall will say "Sorry, out of warranty"

They say this because they hope that most are out of warranty before it becomes a problem.
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Re: 1.6cdti (136), timing chain/tensioner issues?

Post by pscomp » Sat Feb 15, 2020 12:30 pm

Vauxhall refused to do my timing chain under warranty because of issues with the service stamps in my book.

I went back to the finance company who investigated and found the fault must have been present when I bought the vehicle 7 months earlier.

They paid a local garage to replace it, £1200 as opposed to the 3K vauxhall quoted.


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Re: 1.6cdti (136), timing chain/tensioner issues?

Post by Craignjackie » Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:33 am

That’s exactly what happened to mine this should of been a recall but they totally ignored that there is an issue with the tensioners , I’m a victim of this issue chain started to rattle then I got a message low oil pressure the next minute the car cut out I was told the timing chain probably come off and got chewed in the oil pump that’s why I have a knackered engine cars just 5 years old and has regular oil and filters changed and the obvious brakes as and when required, now I need new engine not happy I think tensioner plastic guides worn causing chain to come off, I’m a mobile warden for vulnerable adults and the infirm so need a car for my job what an headache I’m having trying to get my car fixed at an affordable cost.👎😞

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