Boot 12V outlet - when is it supposed to deliver power?

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Boot 12V outlet - when is it supposed to deliver power?

Post by AndyK » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:40 pm

The manual states that the 12V outlets only deliver power when the ignition is on. That appears to be true for the one in front.
The one in the boot, however, appears to continue delivering power for several hours after parking the car.
I noticed that when having a compressor-driven mini-fridge attached and returning to find it still running.
When the fridge is directly connected I'm not too worried as it has a cut-off voltage when running on 12V.
However, I have a mini auxilliary 12V battery (GoalZero yeti 150) that I connect in between the car and the fridge for those occasions on long trips where we stop for most of the day to visit an attraction while on on the road between two hotels.
The Yeti doesn't have configurable cutt-off, and I'm worried about forgetting to disconnect it.

So what prompts the car to stop delivering power to the 12V outlet in the boot?

Thanks in advance

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