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Post by Kosymodo » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:00 am

This is gonna sound like a weird request, but does anyone on here frequent the Detailing World forum? If so, would you mind doing me a favour?

I've been trying to register with the forum for a while now, but am getting nowhere. My usual email address can't be used to register, as for some reason it says it's been banned (it's just a gmail address, which could be the issue). So I set myself up with another icloud address to try. This seems to work, but I never get any confirmation email from the site. I've then tried the 'contact us' link on the forum, but it gives no actual contact info, it just generates a message through the site, which is hopeless if, for whatever reason, I'm not getting emails from the site! Therefore, I need someone who's a member already to contact an admin, and ask them to contact me directly to see if we can resolve the registration issues.

Thanks in advance folks!

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