TPMS reoccurring fault 10 minutes after relearn

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TPMS reoccurring fault 10 minutes after relearn

Post by Steve3369 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:37 pm

Hi all

Anyone shed some light on this please?

I had a TPMS fault showing on the dash with front left sensor not giving a reading. Got myself a relearn tool and went through the process as described and relearn was successful and all wheels showing a reading on the dash. All good initially with PSI changing as I put air in and as tyres warmed up however after 10 minutes on the move TPMS showing a fault with front left no reading again. Have repeated the process with the same result - every time after 10 minutes on the move fault shows. 10 minutes static (engine on and off) no fault. Tried disconnecting battery (system reset) no different. Tried taking tyre of and checked the fit of the sensor. No problem there.

Seems strange the sensor works fine after relearn but just for 10 minutes. Could it be a battery low in the sensor?

Next thing is to try a new sensor however before I do was wondering if there is something else I could try?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Re: TPMS reoccurring fault 10 minutes after relearn

Post by copse » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:33 pm

I have exactly the same problem but with the nearside rear.
Waiting for a convenient time to take it to the dealer.
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Re: TPMS reoccurring fault 10 minutes after relearn

Post by astraowner » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:03 am

Sounds like a dodgy sensor to me.

To rule out the car being at fault you could try swapping front and rear tyre and doing a relearn.

If it is still the same tyre (Now on the rear) that looses connection then it must be the sensor.

If it is still the same position, it could be problems with reception.

Do you have any cheap USB chargers plugged in ? I have experienced such a device that absolutely destroyed radio signals to the point where the radio could barely receive and a electronic parking timer i had, was unable to receive the clock signal to set the summer/winter time itself. Had to unplug the fuse the circuit was connected to every 6 months to have the parking timer set itself. (I had it hardwired into the car and hidden away under a piece of dash trim) Even tried putting several choke and noise suppression capacitors on it, but never got it to be "quiet" :) (Car has since been scrapped)
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