Volume control for voice dial

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Volume control for voice dial

Post by Maauru » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:52 pm


as you probably know there are different volumes you can set on infotainment for different usage.

There is standard volume you set for listening music from infotainment.
There is separate volume setting for volume during call (when connected over BT) and that volume remain always set as it was set last time. Once in voice call you can set that volume.
There is separate volume for navigation when CarPlay is used. It is set once you use navigation and it always remain same.

Those volume levels switch automatically once you start using one from above.

For example - I have music volume set depending on source and music type but it is more or less between 5-15. In call volume is set at 45 and navigation volume is at 30. And as said they switch automatically.

But there is one volume that I can not set to be automatically used and it is - voice dial volume.
I noticed that voice dial feedback volume is audible at levels above 30, best to me around 35. And once I activate voice dial (long press on key at steering wheel) it always use volume level of music that was currently playing. Even during voice dialing option I increase voice dial volume at 35 it never get "remembered" and used always once voice dial is activated.
So, all above mentioned does remember volume level to be used (actually last one set) and automatically switch to that volume level but voice dial command simply does not and use music volume level.

Does anybody know how to set voice dial command level to some volume level (for example at 35) and that volume level is remembered and automatically used once voice dial is activated.
This is extremely annoying that every time I activate voice dial (when phone is BT connected) I always first need to increase volume level in order to be able to properly use voice dialing because it simply does not remember last used volume level and switch to it.

Phone used is iPhone 6 and car have Intelilink 4.0

Thanks in advance

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