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I've decided to compile a list of some the Events that our vehicles go through, with a brief description (where possible), to help out those trying to decipher what they are being told by the dealer. The important ones are highlighted in red:

20 - Received

21 - Processed

25 - Aligned - no more changes can be made from this point onwards. All the parts have been ordered and will be in the system, ready to meet up with the body

30 - Prereleased

32 - Released

33 - Scheduled - Your car has a production slot scheduled

38 - Produced - It's been made

40 - Passed to Sales - Vehicle is received by sales

42 - Shipped Ex-gate - Vehicle has been released by the factory.

43 - Received Central Distribution Compound

44 - Shipped Central Distribution Compound

48 - Received Sales Org Compound

54 - Shipped Vehicle Sales Compound - On the transporter, heading to the dealer. You can start getting excited.

58 - Received dealer - Means that the dealer has got your vehicle. No much longer!!

60 - Retailed - That means you've got the car!! Happy driving

Please be aware that this does not cover every single event. If you wish to post your current Event and what the dealer has told you it means, I'll be happy to update this list.

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You missed a couple - the order system has the following events:

20 Received

21 Processed
25 Aligned
30 Prereleased

In production
32 Released
33 Scheduled
34 Body ordered
35 Body setup
36 Body received
37 Broadcast
38 Produced
39 Quality Assurance
40 Passed to sales
42 Shipped ex gate
43 Received central distr compound
44 Shipped central distr compound

Not Shipped
48 Received sales org compound

Dealer Stock
49 Shipped ex sales org compound
52 Received VSC
54 Shipped VSC
58 Received dealer

60 Retailed

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Thanks for that - the idea was to have a list of most of the events that the vehicles go through, with a description of each do people could work out what they are being told.

Do you have any details of what any of the events mean?

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Broadcast, or track sheet. I think this refers to the old method of producing a list of parts for each worker on the line to put on the car, originally stuck to the car body itself. I assume this is all computerised now, but I would guess it's when the list of parts has been issued for each process down the production line. Just guessing, mind.
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