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I had something similar happen to me, though I think it might have been the Cruzer USB stick I was using?

I couldn't get it to work in the USB connected to the 1.6T's 8" nav unit when I had it, even though the stick had been working OK in the previous 1.4T's 7" non-nav unit.

The garage had taken the car in to apply the Android Auto firmware (as part of the deal of me taking the car) and I reformatted the USB stick to exFAT and copied the various folders back over to the stick and all was well again. Still not sure what caused it and the USB connection still has the occasional wobbler where it thinks nothing is there and other times it will just pick up from where it is playing and displays incorrect info on the screen - this is cured by the Windows reboot approach of getting out of and locking the car and go back after half an hour or so and all is well again! :)

First thing I'd say to try is :
1) get in car and turn key to ignition on,
2) WAIT for the dials to do their up/down check thing!
3) press the Radio button so you make sure you're not using the stick,
4) unplug the stick and make sure there's no fluff in there,
5) reinsert the stick, making sure it goes all the way in and finally,
6) press the Media touchscreen button/icon and see what comes up.
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