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Hi all,
Being very disappointed with the vauxhall phone holder, I was planning on pulling the entire thing apart and make something more presentable out of it...but.
Instead, I simply cut off the two side stop pads and pushed the remaining stubs in flush with the holder edge.
The effect, apart from looking a whole heap tidier, I can now slide my phone in from the side, without having to fiddle about altering the top grip slider. The bowed plastic sheet has easily enough tension to hold the phone from sliding sideways, that said, the top slider on its own is enough to hold the phone in place. Even with my phone's gel case on, it still slides in comfortably yet holds it firmly.

I'll attach a photo so you can see how it looks.
It might have looked better in the photo had I cleaned it, plus I used my grandson's phone with cracked glass in the mount, but anyway ;)


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