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i have been getting my front parking sensors randomly showing and beeping as if i am very close to a obstical,even though the roads clear! its never the back ones.

also 5 times now i have had a message on the screen,i cant remember it exactly but its 99% close to this ( parking sensor malfunction please consult owners manual parking sensors deactivated)

its getting irritating and onstar said theres no errors at all! and all the time when driving forward it goes to the constant beep and shows on the screen like i am as close to something as i can possibly be!

dont understand it at all! tried cleaning them all and checked for damage but theres none,i thought it was because they where dirty but they are now spotless i cleaned them really well and they where hardly dirty anyways.

i am going to go to a dealer but i just thought i would ask if anyone has had this issue before or knows what could be causing it to happen?

i looked at the owners manual but its completely useless,does not give any information at all!

also i was wondering if this is acceptable? or am i being fussy? i am asking because its my first new car and dont want to look like a prat!

well basically the rear number plate is completely squint its way higher in the right side! also the front numberplate has already started to deteriorate,i mean you know how you see number plates that water has gotten into them and made them go kind of black on the yellow part.

sorry for the long message,i am just looking for some advice here as honestly there has been so many issues with this car since i got it

  • front lights steamed up within 50 miles
    rear lights are both steamed up
    there has been a rattle from the instrument cluster since i got it and its getting louder
    there was a noise the day after i got it not even 20 miles on the car and it turned out the heat shield on the exhaust was bent completely!
    there is a hell of a wind noise from the drivers door
    the fuel cap would not open two weeks in causing me to have to be towed to the dealer as i could not fill up!
    rear number plate very squint i mean very
    the plastic around the inside drivers door handle is covered in scratches and was after 1 day!
    one day i started it and the clutch or flywheel was rattling like hell the whole car was shaking! i turned it off and back on and didnt happen since
    also the tyre pressures where at 44 psi all around when i got the car!
    the climate control gets confused! when you change settings it cycles through them all before going to the correct one!

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Hi, I had sensor problems the same as you, went to dealer my problem was the number plate was causing it, they made a new plate and screwed it on tighter, and alsp velco to the very, edge since that I have no problems, as for your rear light the indicatior section steamed up, I contacted the dealer and they changed within a week.
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