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Had my Elite Nav a week now and whilst I think it's a fab car there are a few niggles. (Mirrors don't fold on lock/unlock, a bit of air noise around the pillars, only one USB for music and no SD card slot etc.) but here's one I hope is just me and you great folks might be able to help me out:

If I use the voice recognition (voice button on the left of the steering wheel) and ask for a track (e.g. play Everlong by The Foo Fighters) the recognition is great and starts playing it, but they it goes and plays another track of my wife's because it alphabetically comes after Everlong - why doesn't it just continue to play the album, or just stop (it would be better than complete pot luck).

The only way I can get around it is to ask for it to play a specific album but then it plays from track 1, not the track I wanted.

Any thoughts?
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