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Hello to everyone. I am a happy owner of the new Astra from Greece. I am between the first owners here in Greece as the car was presentated on the 22th of November and I purchased it immediately...

Mine is an 1.6cdti 136hp with manual transmission. The available configurations in Greece are slightly different to those in UK.

With the specific engine there only two trims available:
1. Excellence: which is like ELITE but without the winter pack ( has absolute no need here), and without the Onstar service as it isn't available in my country for the moment.

2. Dynamic: which is like Sri but with some more features that come as standard equipment such as the intellilux and the keyless start system. Dynamic doesn't also support Onstar services for the moment.

Dynamic costs about 2000€ more than the Excellence, and due to a dealer offer of 1500€ if i was to buy an excellence model that was ready to be delivered immediately, I finally chose the excellence and I haven't regret it because I saved 3500€...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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