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Hi All, I've had a 2017 Astra k 1.4T since last February, I've looked at these forums a lot to get information but I thought for the first time I'd share my own work I've done to my vehicle. I have done some work on the interior with vinyl wraps which I'm very pleased with but primarily I've installed a new air intake system and a custom cat-back exhaust with a much smaller muffler and resonator setup, I have kept it stealth and painted it in VHT black paint for aesthetics and to keep it discrete and prevent rust. It's also been remapped with these modifications up to just shy of 200hp and just over 300NM of torque. No idea what the 0-60 time is, I've approximated about 6.5s but this is not accurate, I just did it using my phone. Finally I've painted the front grill (My original intention was to restore the chrome as it was beaten up a bit but I'm enjoying the black)

Exhaust - (Note it's slightly deeper than the phone video does it justice for) Astra k Custom Exhaust

Intake - Astra K intake

What do people think? What should I do next?
Also note some of the photos are not up to date. I have done a lot of work with the paint and exterior so the photo of the black grill is how it actually looks. Can't stand a dirty car
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