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I used Matts ( 2017 post) as my guide and it's good.
The horn on my astra 1.6t was abysmal
Buy the twin insignia horns ( any year will fit) from a breakers.
Jack front of car up to give you room to get your head under. Remove fog light (3 torx bolts) and unplug. Remove existing made in China noddy horn.
Following Matts guide cut the insignia bracket as shown. Drill hole for horn mount. Loosely assemble horns to bracket and offer up to existing bracket.
It's a bit fiddly but with one hand thru the fog light hole attach the new assembly.
A bit of fiddling will get the new horns in place to allow the fog light to fit and then tighten nuts down. Refit plug and fog light.
What a pleasure to use the horn now!
I would check tighten the mounting nut
A few times after some miles to make sure it is secure ( the extra bracket thickness reduces the thread length of the horn mount). You can reach it without jacking car or removing fog light. Job done
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