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Vauxhall has released some new details about the driver assistance systems that will be offered on the redesigned Astra.

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First and foremost, there's an improved Opel Eye front camera system which has more processing power, an increased detection rate and the capability to use navigation data. Thanks to these changes the Traffic Sign Assist system has better detection. The system also permanently displays the current speed limit so drivers always know how fast to travel even on unfamiliar roads.

The Astra can also be equipped with a Following Distance Indication system which uses the front camera to calculate the distance between the Astra and the car ahead of it. If the car is following at a legal distance, a green car symbol is illuminated. When the driver is to close, the Headway Alert function is activated and the symbol turns amber.

The Lane Departure Warning system also gains a Lane Keep Assist function that gently turns the steering wheel if the driver unintentionally drifts out of their lane. The Lane Keep Assist function works at speeds between 60 - 180 km/h and aims to prevent accidents.

Speaking of safety, the Forward Collision Alert with Collision Mitigation Braking will warn the driver if a front-end collision is imminent. Should the driver fail to respond, the car will automatically begin braking itself.



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