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I found out a little detail about engine and i couldn't find any further source about what i found. From 2013 to 2015 all 1.6 CDTI engines can create 320 NM torque just on 2000 RPM. But after 2015 the engine can produce same torque from 2000 to 2250 rpm. You can see this change is not identified only with astra but also in mokka, insignia and etc.

I also found two official different torque curve which may look little different.

When you see both torque curve you can see more stabilize curve in the first one. According to new curve, engine can produce 270 NM on 1500 RPM. But on the other curve and the same rpm; engine can produce just almost 230 rpm.

According to these figures it seems like there has been made an improvement with engine.

Furthermore Vauxhall also declared that all engines used in astra is all-new but CDTI was an old one.

Edit: i also found a new about improvements with the engine onwards 2015. Here it is:


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