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  1. Main Astra K chat
    Hi guys, I'm looking at a Service Plan for my recently-purchased Astra K 1.6T on a 66' plate, but everything seems a little off. I had a plan with eMaC on my old car, so asked them to quote directly... they told me I would be looking at over £1500 for 3 years! I've gone to the Vauxhall...
  2. Faults & Technical
    Talk about sod's law - took delivery of my new 66-plate Astra today, and only an hour into the 3-hour drive home I get a stone chip/crack right in the top corner of the screen on the black edging. Apparently it can't be fixed and forces a windscreen replacement. Not overly annoyed because the...
  3. Faults & Technical
    Hi, so my radio was working fine, had some inference when I used to signal like a buzzing noise afew months ago only happened once, But suddenly out of nowhere my volume has gone, I’ve tried aux, usb and Bluetooth but have no volume, the touch screen tones work, iPhone connected through wire or...
1-3 of 3 Results